For a sparkling, fresh smelling home


Whether it's weekly or fortnightly, a set day or working around your life, ETC Cleaning will clean your home to the highest standard every time. You can either be at home or out when we clean and the cleaning can be tailor made to your needs.


Maybe your house needs a freshen up before or after an occasion, maybe you've just moved in or you're moving out, whatever the reason, one-off cleans may be suited to you. We will listen to what you want done then we will do all the hard work for you.


Bathrooms & Kitchens. We use them daily, several times a day and we expect them to be the cleanest rooms of the house for our own health and hygiene reasons, but when did you last scrub behind the taps, inside the cupboards, the tiles above head height? Not sure and not loving the idea of doing it either? Book us in and we will get it done.


Sometimes things mount up, they become overwhelming and we don't know where to start. Sometimes the items in the house mean a lot and you don't want them thrown away either. Don't be ashamed but don't let it grow any further, get in touch, I will discuss everything with you and together we will get through it. I will never push you to throw anything away and we can take as long as we need.


If your work space, business or public space needs to be cleaned regularly or as a one off but staff are required on more important tasks or you don't want to be responsible for a staff member, we could be the answer. ETC Cleaning currently cleans for a community hall meaning their premises is always clean and well stocked but they have no responsibility for us going in and out. Sound like something you need? Get in touch today.


Been searching online for someone to do a particular cleaning job but there just doesn't seem to be anyone who does it? Get in touch today and we will see if we can help.