Frequently asked questions

Will you clean if I have pets in the house? 

Of course! As a pet lover and dog owner I understand the importance of trusting someone around your pet, especially if you won't be there. I'll make sure I meet them with you and ensure they are happy around me. If they bark at the hoover or try to help, don't worry, I'm used to it!

Will you move large furniture to clean behind/under? 

Due to health and safety reasons, no. I will do my best to clean around, behind and under large furniture but I am unable to move them.

Do you go through my personal belongings? 

Absolutely not. Whilst tidying items around the house I will pile them neatly according to where I think they belong but I will not open wardrobe, drawers etc. unless you have directed me before hand that I can put things in there. 

Do you take photos of the house for promotional reasons? 

If I do, that would be entirely under your consent, and it would only ever be of an "after" shot unless you directly said that a "before" shot is ok. I rarely ask to take photos but if I do, you're more than welcome to say no. 

When do we first meet?

If you would like me to clean when you're out/working then I will arrange an evening to come and meet you, find out what you want doing, meet any pets, and let you get to know me beforehand. If you will be at home the first time I clean I allow some time before I clean for me to have a chat with you about everything. These are free, you do not get charged for these meets.

Are you insured? DBS checked?

Yes and yes! Fully insured, including public liability and I am DBS checked too and you're welcome to ask to see proof of this at anytime. 

Do you send staff to us? 

As of now, I am alone in the business but if I continue to get busier I will hire staff. They will be interviewed thoroughly, be DBS checked and be trained to my exceptionally high standard. All current clients will be able to choose if they want to keep me as their cleaner. 

I'm not ready for a cleaner yet, could I register that I will require you in the future? 

Please do! Maybe you're on maternity leave, about to move house, along with many other reasons. Please contact us and let us know as we can plan to recruit if necessary. 

I'm really not sure about having someone see my "mess" I think I would clean before you come. 

This is completely normal, after a couple of times of me coming to clean you will realise you don't need to be embarrassed and you will be comfortable leaving the house as it is for me to clean.